The Art of Storyboarding


"Storyboarding is a very integral part of my film making process. It allows my crew to know exactly what I need from them. David has a remarkable ability to translate my words into pictures. It's like talking to a camera."
~ Martin Campbell, Director (Green Lantern, Casino Royale, Golden Eye)

“You know how much I appreciated your fine work, and indeed the boards of the first battle have already played a part...”
~ Peter Weir, Director (Master and Commander, The Truman Show, Picnic at Hanging Rock)

"Storyboarding offers a valuable visual tool. It allows the production designer, director and cinematographer to focus their energies into a controlled frame, and this is my opinion can only lead to an increase in production value. It was an extreme honour to have shared with David Russell the acclaim received from Academy Award-winning production."
~ Ian Gracie, Supervising Art Director (Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, The Wolverine)

"The storyboarding process is a collaboration between the director and the storyboard artist, where you can pre-articulate exactly the coverage you are wanting to achieve. David is extraordinary gifted in his ability to realize on paper a sequence shot by shot with very little direction."
~ Baz Luhrmann, Director (Australia, Moulin Rouge)


This Master Class addressed not just storyboarding, but all aspects of movie making which made for a truly enriching and enlightening experience. I will most certainly utilize many of the ideas and points from this insightful lecture in my career as a film director."
~ Hogne Haugen Skjaerstad

David Russell defined the elements of a good storyboard: ratios, camera movements, light and atmosphere, frame size, the use of arrows, and much more. He thoroughly discussed composition, foreground versus middle and background action, image composition in relation to he film frame. The Master Class was an inundation of significant information. At the end, we were given an assignment. Russell described three scenes from well-known films. Based on a director’s briefing, we had to work out a storyboard for one of the scenes. The resulting storyboards were discussed in detail in the follow-up session. Russell was only concerned with the ideas behind the drawings. What made this session especially valuable was that he supported all his criticism faultlessly and could clearly explain why something worked or not. We were all very satisfied with the Master Class. I am convinced that a storyboard can be very useful in providing clarity of the style of the film during the preliminary stages. Using storyboards to explore the options in image composition and sequence structure is more effective and cheaper than investigating them during shooting.
~ Binger Film Institute News

I was one of the lucky persons attending your seminar in Bergen last week. It was an honour to see your work and learn how essential storyboarding is in filmmaking. Thank you so much for the inspiration you gave to us all.
~ Chris Basso, Producer, Bergen Film

I had the pleasure of attending your Master Class. I had a splendid time listening to your fine way of guiding us into the art. It was also interesting to see the comparison between the storyboards and the finished film. I work closely with the director developing script and we storyboard some sequences. The Master Class gave me new confidence to tackle this work.
~ Snorre Solfjeld, Senior Cameraman, NRK

I really appreciate the in-depth information that you gave to us, as this area was lacking in my formal education. ~ James Howes

Russell discussed scenes from films that strayed far from their storyboards, and consequently came short of their full potential. It was very edifying to see the power of these scenes in their original storyboard form, and then see the weaker version of the finished film.
~ David Leader, Leader Film

Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring Master Class. The assignment was extremely helpful for me in understanding how to think visually/dramatically when it comes to telling a story. It also warmed my heart to hear you speak up for the ethical aspects of filmmaking and film as an art.
~ Ingrid Lindberg

One of the best courses I’ve attended in a long time.
~ Chris Ramos